Hi, I am Alisa

Photographer, Musician, Traveler

I traveled non-stop for 5 years: I lived in Japan and The States, visited over 20 countries and met so many beautiful people from all over the world. I tried to capture their golden souls with my camera and show it to them. Now I'm here to share my of art with you.

How do I work?


We'll discuss:

  • The goals of the photoshoot. Is it for your website, social media, family album, magazine, book or maybe tinder profile?
  • Concept, if there’s any. What exactly do you want to look like in the pictures, what’s your image?
  • The style you are looking for: casual, formal, spiritual, fun.
  • Locations. It can be city, coffeeshops, beach, forest, a house, your office etc.
  • Time. Remember: time and light are very related. What light works best for you: sunrise, morning, golden hour, blue hour?
  • Outfits. I’m always happy to help you with choosing clothes. As my additional service I offer stylizing your whole look for the photoshoot including shopping.

After that I'll create a PINTEREST inspiration board (you’re more than welcome to add your pics to the board) for the photoshoot, so we both could imagine the ideas we have and try to make them real!:)

My main goals

I try to make the photoshoot a fun and joyful process in which you will show real you to my camera and to the world.

You don't have to do boring posing and fake smiles with me (unless you want it).

I keep it natural and smooth without making you feel nervous in front of the camera.

I always try to find the connection with people before the shooting. Knowing you better helps me find the key that works exactly for your soul, opens it up and makes it shine bright.

See My Work

Choose your style and click on it to see more pictures

There's two main colors I use


It's warm shades, usually taken during the golden hour or sunrise/sunset. Pictures always turn out bright and happy.
You'll be shrouded with golden rays of sun.



It's colder shades that can be taken any time of a day.
Very soft and tender images can be created with this color.
It's calm but at the same time very powerful.


Power of nature

I can't live without nature. I love forests, lakes, oceans... They give me so much energy... I feel like I'm a part of each and every plant or animal that lives on our planet. That's why most of my photoshoots are outdoors. I admire the natural light and the way it plays with my camera. Come with me and I'll show you how I paint with all the colors of the wind.