Hi, I am Alisa

Photographer, Musician, Traveler and many other things

I traveled non-stop for years: I lived in Japan, The States, Mexico, visited over 20 countries and met so many beautiful people from all over the world. I tried to capture their golden souls with my camera, share my music and stories with them and I found out that getting people together, finding the key to unlocking their unique essence through visuals and music is what truly resonates with me.

My journey has now led me to combine my passions into a seamless artistic expression. With every frame I capture, every melody I play, I invite you to join me on this voyage of discovery, where we uncover the beauty of the world and the souls that inhabit it.

What I offer today:

“Why choose one, if I can be all 7 colors of my rainbow?”

My “Rainbow” 🌈 concept

All my life I thought I needed to choose one thing to be successful at, to become a master and make good money, but it always felt like I was going against my own nature trying to do that.

One day I finally realized, that I don’t have to choose one, I can be all seven colors of my rainbow, cause that’s what makes me shine!

I sing, I dance, I film, I act, I travel, I guide, I write I…do so many things that make me happy every day!

Let me share all or some of them with you, maybe help you find your passion or get your inspiration back!