Nowadays people like capturing moments not only with photos but with videos as well. I totally understand that and love making videos myself, it lets me tell people a whole story by only 15-30-60 seconds. Reels is a good way of transparenting your emotions and can be a good use for your insta/ticktock account.


15 sec Reels USD $30

30 sec Reels USD $50

60 sec Reels USD $100


I know the best makeup artists that will give a good deal specially for you! The price depends on the style of the makeup and/or hair that you’re looking for! Please contact me for the details.


Please contact me for the details!


I know that sometimes (it actually happens a lot) people enjoy my photoshoots so much they want to have more pictures than they originally booked. So in that case I offer additional photos for editing!


Each additional photo USD $10

5 additional photos USD $45

Have nothing to wear?

Not a problem! I collaborate with some stores that you can rent a cute dress from! We can discuss the details while the preparation process if interested!


There's thousands types of meditations exist nowadays. The one I chose for myself is sound bath. I always sang as long as I remember myself. I sing non-stop: when I shower, cook, walk. Only recently I realized that it's my type of meditation and the way I release my stress. Later I discovered singing bowls and found out that the vibration my singing does to my body is similar to the vibration caused my the singing bowls.

Since then I started learning more and more about the connection of sounds and body, vibrations and energy. Now I share my knowledge with people and help them heal by singing, listening and feeling... But only if they are absolutely open to that.

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