Hi, My name is Alisa!

I was born in far and cold mother Russia but when I turned 22 I started traveling the world and never really stopped. That’s one of my biggest passions…one of many!

I have to admit, I used to think something was wrong with me, I thought I needed to choose one passion in my life, one path and follow it, improve myself in one thing to become a master, succeed. But one day I realized that all colors of this rainbow called Alisa are beautiful and I gotta keep all of them cause they make me shine in the rainy sky. Everyday I juggle with different types of work and I enjoy it so much! There’s no routine for me anymore because my success is not a destination but process! So let me share the colors of my rainbow with you! 

"Traveling is the best thing in the world. When you wander, you grow, you grow rapidly, and everything that you see leaves prints even on your appearance. People who traveled a lot, I recognize immediately from thousands. Wanderings cleanse, intertwine meetings, centuries, books and love. They make us related to the sky. If we have received the unproven happiness of being born, then we must at least see the world" - Konstantin G. Paustovsky


During my time in college, I focused on studying the Japanese language and was fortunate enough to spend a year living in this enchanting country. That’s where my journey began. After hitchhiking my way across Japan, I discovered a newfound passion for crafting unique tours. I started leading people on journeys to Japan twice a year, introducing them to my cherished spots and helping them truly immerse themselves in the culture. It became more than just exploring places, I started connecting like-minded people with each other, creating great experiences for them such as retreats, camps, adventure tours, artistic residencies etc.

I can't explain that freedom I feel when I travel. It's like I have the whole world in my hands and don't belong to anything/anyone. I absolutely love that feeling. And many people can relate to that, that’s why I started inviting them on my journeys. I try to add something magical to the camps and tours I create. They serve as a gateway to uncharted horizons, an opportunity to embrace the unfamiliar, and a chance to build bonds with diverse souls who share a thirst for exploration. 

Two friends that still follow me everywhere: my ukulele and camera make me feel home wherever I go.


I've been singing for as long as I can remember. I sing non-stop: in the shower, while cooking, during walks. However, I never really took my singing seriously until one day, it hit me that it was my form of meditation—a way to release stress, reconnect with my soul and body. I realized that, regardless of life's challenges, I'd always have my voice to guide me toward the light and lift me from the ashes.

Since that moment, I've been diving into the captivating world of sound-body connections. I've learned how the vibrations of each note resonate within us, how energy flows through our very being as we create music. Exploring this incredible relationship between sound and our physical selves has been nothing short of a revelation.

Now, I'm on a mission to share this unique insight with others. Through singing, listening, and feeling, I help people tap into the power of music for healing and rejuvenation.

If you're curious to hear my music and experience the magic firsthand, you can find it here. Let's harmonize our journeys and create melodies that resonate with our souls!


I got my first small Samsung film camera when I was 7 years old. Not like I could really use it but I learned some things about the angle, light and shaking hands. 5 years later my dad bought himself a professiona camera Canon. Back then I had no idea how that purchase was going to change my life. I was sneaking into his closet and "borrowing" his camera pretty much every day and became the most popular girl in school taking pictures/videos of all students. That's when I realized how much I love capturing moments to keep them forever at least in my computer. I would get the best feeling from seeing people laugh, kiss, run, dance and trying to catch that with my camera...to show them how beautiful they are when they are just being themselves.

I think that's the best way of learning: when it's fun, when your friends love your work and support you. When your dad knows you keep "borrowing" his camera and still lets you do that. Btw he only used that camera 2-3 times;)

Back then I fell in love with photography. Nothing changed, I'm still in love with it BUT now I know what stands behind being a photographer: seeing people real, magical, free...


On my journey through education, I was fortunate to have a school teacher who had a unique approach. Instead of sticking to math lessons, he would often captivate us with intriguing books and short stories. Through those readings, I discovered remarkable authors and unexpectedly developed a deep fondness for the art of writing. High school became a canvas for my imagination, where I painted countless stories each day. However, as I transitioned into college, my focus shifted to mastering the Japanese language.

Five years later, a transformative trip to Japan reignited my passion for storytelling. The culture, the people, the experiences—they all stirred something within me, and I found myself drawn back to the world of writing. Now, as I embark on this exciting journey, I am immersed in crafting my very first book! Hope you can read it soon!:)

Connecting with nature

I can't live without nature. I love forests, lakes, oceans... They give me so much energy... I feel like I'm a part of each and every plant or animal that lives on our planet. I grew up in the area surrounded by thousands kilometers of forest. Every weekend I’d go camping with my family and spend every summer by a huge crystal clear lake. I always felt connected to nature in a special way, thought I could understand trees and animals. That’s probably the reason I loved “Pocahontas” movie as a kid, because she seemed to be so connected to nature.

Influenced by Japan I discovered Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), it’s a type of therapy Japanese people practice while walking in the forest and connecting to nature. That concept seemed so close to me I started practicing it myself and guiding people through it.

Come with me and I'll show you how I paint with all the colors of the wind.


I must admit, I really enjoy both sides of the camera. Modeling feels like dancing – you change poses, express moods, and play with your body to show different characters. It's a bit like acting, letting you explore various parts of yourself: the passionate, gentle, angry, sweet, happy, and even the sad. Isn't that pretty amazing?

Dancing, much like singing, helps me release tension and stress from my body. When I dance, I feel free and connected to myself, as if every part of me is moving in harmony. It's a way to express whatever needs to be expressed through movement. Ecstatic dance is fantastic for that, but salsa and bachata work just as well! These dances allow me to let go and feel good.


Movement is living, I can't live without sports and exercises. The adrenaline coursing through my veins as I sprint down the field, the rhythm of my heart syncing with the beat of the game—it's a symphony of energy that invigorates my soul. From the basketball court to the hiking trail, every step I take propels me forward in my journey through life. The camaraderie formed with teammates, the discipline forged through rigorous training—it all converges to shape not just my body, but my character.

And even in moments of stillness, like the tranquil practice of yoga, I find a different kind of movement—one that aligns my mind, body, and spirit, and reminds me that being present is just as vital as the most intense physical activity. So, yes, movement is living; sports are my lifeline, guiding me through the highs and lows, reminding me that the true essence of existence lies in the pursuit of passion, in the celebration of motion, and in the unwavering love for the game.