Hi, My name is Alisa!

I was born in far and cold mother Russia. Since I was a kid I was obsessed with two things: music and photography. I got my first small Samsung film camera when I was 7 years old. Not like I could really use it but I learned some things about the angle, light and shaking hands. 5 years later my dad bought himself a mirror camera Canon. Back then I had no idea how that purchase was going to change my life. I was sneaking into his closet and "borrowing" his camera pretty much every day and became the most popular girl in school taking pictures of all students. That's when I realized how much I love capturing moments to keep them forever at least in my computer. I would get the best feeling from seeing people laugh, kiss, run, dance and trying to catch that with my camera...to show them how beautiful they are when they are just being themselves.

I think that's the best way of learning: when it's fun, when your friends love your work and support you. When your dad knows you keep "borrowing" his camera and still lets you do that. Btw he only used that camera 2-3 times;)

Back then I fell in love with photography. Nothing changed, I'm still in love with it BUT now I know what stands behind being a photographer: seeing people real, magical, free...

"Traveling is the best thing in the world. When you wander, you grow, you grow rapidly, and everything that you see leaves prints even on your appearance. People who traveled a lot, I recognize immediately from thousands. Wanderings cleanse, intertwine meetings, centuries, books and love. They make us related to the sky. If we have received the unproven happiness of being born, then we must at least see the world" - Konstantin G. Paustovsky

Japan changed my life

In college I studied Japanese language and had an opportunity to live in the most beautiful country for a year. That's when my travels began... After hitchhiking all over Japan I started exploring Asia. I can't explain that freedom I feel when I travel. It's like I have the whole world in my hands and don't belong to anything/anyone. I absolutely love that feeling.

Two friends that still follow me everywhere: my ukulele and camera make me feel home wherever I go.

Healing voice

I always sang as long as I remember myself. I sing non-stop: when I shower, cook, walk. Only recently I realized that it's my type of meditation and the way I release my stress. Later I discovered singing bowls and found out that the vibration my singing does to my body is similar to the vibration caused by the singing bowls.

Since then I started learning more and more about the connection of sounds and body, vibrations and energy. Now I share my knowledge with people and help them heal by singing, listening and feeling... But only if they are absolutely open to that.