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Friends call me Lis in Red Hat. I always put it on when I’m traveling, this time I want to invite you with me!

I want to share with you the heart and soul behind my traveling projects. I’ve always had an unyielding passion for creating experiences that stir the soul and ignite a sense of wonder. It’s more than just a job; it’s a labor of love that I pour my heart into.

Every detail of these experiences has been carefully chosen to reflect my deep-rooted commitment to providing you with moments that resonate on a personal level. Each adventure is a testament to my love for sharing the beauty of this world with fellow explorers like you.

🌟 Your personal adventure is ready to unfold. Let’s embark on a journey that’s fueled by passion and boundless enthusiasm. Join me in creating memories that will forever be etched in our hearts. 🌟

Join me for either or both

🏄‍♂️🌴 Surf Camp in Puerto Escondido

Imagine feeling the rush of the ocean as you ride the waves in the stunning haven of Puerto Escondido. This surf camp is the embodiment of my desire to introduce you to the thrill of pushing your boundaries while embracing the beauty of the natural world. Join me, and let’s share the joy of conquering the waves together, creating friendships that will endure beyond the campfire.

💀🕯️Day of the Dead Celebration in Oaxaca City 🕯️💀

The Day of the Dead celebration in Oaxaca City is more than an event – it’s a journey into the heart of Mexican traditions that celebrate life and honor those who came before us. My fascination with culture and storytelling has led me to curate an experience that’s not just about witnessing, but about truly participating and connecting. Let’s come together to explore the depth of this celebration and weave our own stories into its fabric.

Puerto Escondido Oct 26 - 30

  • 5 days, 4 nights in a beautiful Villa
  • Transfer to & from airport
  • 3 surfing classes
  • Yoga
  • “Boost your creativity” workshops and meditations
  • Journey into the ocean with dolphins
  • Fun parties, games, music
  • Food from the best chef in Puerto
  • Beautiful content with amazing sunsets


+Photoshoot from Alisa Meledy

+Photos from surfing class

+Massage session

+3 Yoga classes

+Extra surfing lesson

+Bioluminescence lagoon boat ride

+Baby sea turtle release

Oaxaca City Oct 30 - Nov 3

  • 5 days, 4 nights in Oaxaca city
  • Oaxaca City walking tour
  • The Day of the Dead parade and celebration
  • Transfer to & from all activities
  • Local cemetery visit for The Day of the Dead
  • Ancient Ruins of Monte Albán
  • One of two petrified waterfalls in the world Hierve el Agua
  • The widest tree in the world Árbol del Tule
  • Mezcal tasting


+The Day of the Dead themed photoshoot from Alisa Meledy

+Oaxaca city photoshoot from Alisa Meledy

+Massage session

+Cacao ceremony

+Photography workshop from Alisa Meledy

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