Personal Branding

Let people see who you really are...

No matter if you are a blogger, nomad, loving wife or mother, successful business owner or startuper, people will always want to see real you buying your product, visiting your website or scrolling your insta page.

Capturing real souls of people is my main goal during any photoshoot.

I don't do boring posing, instead of that I prefer to know you better, learn more about what you do in life and feel you through our connection.

If you are a dancer - dance, if you are a shibari master - tie some knots, if you are a housewife look at me with same loving eyes you look at your husband with. I know it sounds crazy but even the shyest and clumsiest people shine bright in front of the camera when they do what they want and like. When they enjoy the process without pushing themselves.

Making it a fun and joyful process that's my key to your heart.

I guide you through the photoshoot to make it as natural as possible. You don't need to think about your next pose (of course you can if you want) or what your face expression looks like. I see when you get scared of my camera and put your mask on. Trust me, people looking at your pictures will see that too.

So let me help you put that mask away, because you're beautiful and the world deserves to see that! Let's find your soul and make it shine together!

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